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Prioritizing Mental Health

Embrace Mental Wellness

Investing in educating your senior and middle management, human resources staff, customer service and support staff about mental health and wellness, not only increases corporate ROI, but can also save lives.

500,000 Canadians Miss Work Each Week Due To Mental Health Concerns. *
THRIVE Mental Health Services

Invest in Your Employee Mental Health

Like striving to reach global standards, like accreditation in your industry, investing in a mentally healthy workplace is fast becoming a desired benchmark of how other corporations & employees view a desirable business partner or employer.

Cost Savings

Lower medical costs for the company, lowering disability costs.

Increased Productivity

Customer service can make or break business success!

Customer Satisfaction

Happy employees can Improve your customer satisfaction.

Positive Interactions

Can improve interactions with co-workers and customers.

Reduced Absenteeism

Consistent presence maintains momentum.

Life-saving Impact

Mental health education can save a life.

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Workplace Capacity Building Workshops


At THRIVE Mental Health Services, we offer workplace capacity building workshops that are evidence-based and flexible to suit your organization’s needs. Our workshops can be delivered in-person, providing convenience and accessibility.

We understand that every organization and profession faces unique stressors. If you require a workshop on a specific topic relevant to your industry or business, we are here to help. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and we will work with you to customize a presentation that addresses your current requirements and enhances the mental health of your employees.

Facts about Mental Health

It’s crucial for employers to recognize and address mental health issues to create a supportive and inclusive work environment that promotes the well-being of their employees.

1 IN 5 adults experience mental health issues each year in Canada (500,000 Canadians miss work each week because of poor mental health)

70% of employees are feeling “burnt-out” (likely due to always being “on” due to remote work. *This can be a major contributor to depression.


1 in 10 will experience serious symptoms of depression – a leading cause of disability

2016 Study – estimated employee absenteeism cost employers $84 BILLION in the U.S. and $50 Billion in Canadian workplaces.

Employers that invest in workplace mental health, stand to gain $3-$5 ROI and are more likely to retain employees. (2019 Deloitte analysis – average ROI = $1.62 for every 1 spent. When programs are left in place for 3 years or more, this ROI increases to $2.18)*

*Deloitte Analysis – Nov. 7, 2019 CBC News

Building Effective Mental Health Workshops and Strategies

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