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Nurturing Employee Well-being

The Power of Mental Health Education

Companies who invest in proactive programs & resources, often monthly, and continue to offer mental wellness education, promotes mental health for their employees.  This creates the greatest positive impact for both the employees and the bottom line!

Employees who feel supported by their employer:

Our Approach

Combining my passion about ‘the brain/neuroscience’ and corporate business, has allowed me to expand mental wellness and knowledge on a broader scale to employees and assist corporations to improve corporate bottom lines!

What is a Psychiatric Nurse?

Psychiatric Nursing is a specialized field of study, unique from other disciplines, with a focus on psychiatry and psychology, understanding and incorporating medical, psychological and social issues, thereby providing a more holistic approach to Mental Health

In addition to my earlier work practicing in a hospital setting, crisis centres, addiction services, community settings, and serving as a Mental Health Therapist in First Nations Communities in Manitoba’s North, as well as running my private practice, I have been providing Mental Health Workshops and Presentations to corporations, both large & small (such as in the oil and gas sector) since before the pandemic.

Your employees are one of your most valuable assets!  Providing ongoing support & education around Mental Wellness is a Win Win! If you want to know more about how educating your staff can translate into increased ROI, then let’s talk.

Michelle Funk-Haney

Founder of Thrive & Executive Director
Building Effective Mental Health Workshops and Strategies

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