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Mental Health Education

Unlock the power of mental wellness and elevate your organization’s success with THRIVE’s engaging workshops tailored to cultivate a mentally healthy and resilient workforce.

The Importance of Investing in Employee Mental Health

Congratulations if you have already implemented Mental health measures such as mental health days, four-day work weeks or counselling benefits or apps.

Equipping Managers for Support
Employee absenteeism is estimated to cost Canadian employers $50 billion a year. *
THRIVE Mental Health Services

Invest in Your Employee Mental Health

Like striving to reach global standards, like accreditation in your industry, investing in a mentally healthy workplace is fast becoming a desired benchmark of how other corporations & employees view a desirable business partner or employer.

Cost Savings

Lower medical costs for the company, lowering disability costs.

Increased Productivity

Customer service can make or break business success!

Customer Satisfaction

Happy employees can Improve your customer satisfaction.

Positive Interactions

Can improve interactions with co-workers and customers.

Reduced Absenteeism

Consistent presence maintains momentum.

Life-saving Impact

Mental health education can save a life.

About Thrive

Empowering the Journey to Employee Mental Wellness

My name is Michelle, and I have 20 years of experience working in Mental Health as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and as a business owner. I am the Founder and Director of THRIVE Mental Health Services & Consulting Ltd.

The goal is not to eliminate workplace or daily stress. Some stressors are healthy & normal, but some are not. Employers can help create safe spaces for speaking about their mental health challenges, and better equip employees with tools and strategies to navigate stress.

Michelle Funk-Haney

Founder of Thrive & Executive Director

A mentally healthy workplace matters now, more than ever!

Allow your employees to bring their authentic self to work and thrive!

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Be a company that thinks outside the box!

Consider integrating on-site Mental Health Services within your business.

To promote overall well-being and happiness at work and in personal lives, it is important to create safe spaces for discussing mental health challenges and equip employees with strategies to navigate stress without eliminating it completely.

Building Effective Mental Health Workshops and Strategies

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